Mariah Carey Quot Easy 1 Million

Mariah sang three or four songs and have paid a huge $ 1 million! The bash was attended by many A-Listers like Daniel Craig, Beyonce and Jay-z and Eddie Murphy. Barts. Mariah hubby, Nick Cannon been there too.. In a star studded New Year Eve bash, Mariah Carey made it easier for its $ 1 million! Mariah Carey was the focus of attention in an extravagant bash held by the Libyan president son Saif Gaddafi at Nikki Beach Club in St.

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Dunst Is Ok Being Quot Ugly Quot

Being the fun is the best way to be nice. . In response to complaints it has received for its increasingly frumpy, Kirsten Dunst confessed that in fact Couldnt Care Less about how you. I would rather entertain people. But other than that, however, I could t less. I do not have the energy to care if people criticize the way I see it, the 26 years, actress says Britain OK!.

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Geri Halliwell Getting Engaged

Popstar Geri Halliwell unleashed voices of an imminent engagement with the alleged beau club owner Nick House after it was identified control Geri Halliwell (AFP Photo) plays in London. Geri, who recently spent a romantic Christmas in Dubai with the Parliament, it is now only looking after a potential male wedding bands in a London jewelry diamond quarter, Hatton Garden..

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Nascar 2009 Racing Shakes Hands With The Devil

More recently, he exhibited telltale signs that the race incurable delusional Be powers have faced a difficult reality. The strong and horriffic condition of world economy will affect negatively NASCAR and do more harm than previously expected..

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Geri Halliwell To Open Dubai Nightclub With Alleged New Beau

Washington, January 12 (ANI): Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is reported to the planning team with her new boyfriend to open a nightclub in Dubai. Rumors are abuzz that the singer is dating nightclub entrepreneur Nick House, who owns the exclusive London venues and Mahiki Whiskey Mist. It reported Halliwell wants to work with him to build an exclusive superclubs of the city frequented by the rich and famous..

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